With the majority of our food being laced with preservatives, many health implications have occurred, as most preservatives can be extremely harmful when eaten in large quantities. It is imperative to maintain a healthy body, which is why we must consider a balanced diet that is focused on organic food. Organic foods contain no preservatives and can be found in many supermarkets, farmers’ markets and health food stores.

For 30 days, challenge yourself! Try to stay away from prepackaged and frozen meals filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce and prioritize your health by eating clean, whole organic foods.

Go Organic

The term ‘organic’ refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. There are specific requirements to be met and maintained in order for products to be labeled as organic. Organic crops must be grown in safe soil, have no modifications, and must remain separate from conventional products. Farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers on any of these crops.

Instead of processed, packaged food found on supermarket shelves, search for organic meats, grains, fish, fruits and vegetables. Organic food is not genetically modified, free of pesticides and chemical crops, and has minimal additives. According to the Organic Trade Association, organic foods are processed minimally and do not contain artificial ingredients and preservatives “to maintain the integrity of the food.”

We all know that preservatives have not been around forever. In fact, preservatives are a recent addition to the human diet, and organic food represents a shift back to older practices where there were little to no preservative-causing diseases reported.

Shopping Tips

For a preservative free diet, your shopping habits must change. For starters, you must avoid fast food and most restaurant food, because you cannot control the preservatives that are used. This may take some getting used to, but the health benefits are far worth the sacrifice.

Secondly, you must avoid all processed food from supermarkets and instead focus on more natural, organic options. Many supermarkets have sections devoted to organic, preservative-free produce, but also check for farmers’ markets and health focused food stores in your area. If you are not accustomed to cooking at home, buy cookbooks and try new recipes to increase your enjoyment of your new (and healthier) food choices.

Meal Prep

To make sticking to your preservative free diet easier, prep your meals. Meal-prepping saves you time in the kitchen and helps keep you on track with healthy eating. You can prep and plan for just dinners, lunch and dinner, or even all three meals of the day. Some people even prep for their in between meal snacks. The amount of prep you do depends on how much time you have to dedicate to prepping and your personal preferences.

How to prep your meals

1. Pick one day a week as your “plan and prep” day.

o    Make sure to go grocery shopping the same day so your food is fresh

2. Plan your meals for the week out using the following guideline:

o   Protein  + Vegetable + Healthy Fats (fatty acids) + Grains

3. Cook your meals for the week (whether you decide to prep just one meal or all three is your choice).

4. Store all meals in a tightly sealed container.

5. Freeze all prepped meals.

You see, even with a busy lifestyle, it is possible to prep your meals!

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