Yoga is one of the best exercises that will not only help a hockey player rehabilitate injuries, but will also help to increase flexibility, stability and focus. Hockey players, due to the nature of the sport, perform short sprints, pivots, crossovers, stops and starts, and of course short shifts – all at full power and full speed. Over time, if the muscles are not stretched, they can become shorter and tighter, and could eventually lead to a pulled hamstring or, which is very common for hockey players, a constant pain in the groin area. Shortened hamstring muscles can also lead to lower back injuries if not treated properly, proving why stretching and performing yoga exercises is one of the most important things hockey players can do for their bodies.[1]

Below are the four instant benefits of yoga for hockey players:

Better Flexibility

If hockey players improve their limbs, their overall range of movement will improve and the players will naturally be able to perform better on the ice. For example, increased range in ankle and calf muscles will lead to better productivity on the ice.

Better Strength

Yoga helps to build core strength. Good core strength balances all the muscles, which is extremely beneficial for a hockey player whose performance starts from the core. Hip, abdominal, chest, shoulder and back muscles make up the roots of a player’s on ice striking weapons – the arms and legs.

Better Balance

Standing postures in yoga will help to strengthen a hockey player’s center of gravity. Increased balance in the yoga studio means increased balance on skates.

Better Focus

For hockey players, beingconscious about their bodies, their emotional state and their surroundings helps them eliminate distractions to focus solely on the game. Mastering routine breathing postures will help make complex situations like face-offs, shooting and puck stopping easier to handle. Breath-in postures in yoga also create mental awareness, which transfers seamlessly to the sequential nature of hockey.

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