Good personal trainers will push their clients harder than they could ever push themselves, which is why athletes are among the first to retain them. Because athletes work with their coach during the season, it is especially important for them to remain in shape for the off-season to sustain their competitive edge. Working under the supervision of a personal trainer provides a plan for a particular result within a given time frame, and for athletes, it ensures they are working to their full potential, no matter the time of year. Personal trainers are effective at assessing athletes’ abilities, developing customized plans for optimal results.

Below, we have listed some of the added benefits an athlete will have if he/she retains a personal trainer.

Sport Specific Training
Personal trainers have studied the science of exercise and are experts in body patterns and movements. They know the best exercises to help athletes develop strength, endurance, speed, and agility for an athlete’s particular sport.[1]For example, a hockey player’s developmental training is focused around fast moves on the ice, quick turns and pivots, and short shifts, which require a quick total-body workout to build endurance and explosiveness. Having a customized exercise program is imperative for proper athletic development and success.

Proven Results
Personal trainers help athletes focus on results, preventing them from wasting valuable time on inefficient and unproductive workouts. Maximizing time with quality over quantity is key, especially for an athlete with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Proper Technique
Performing an exercise correctly is imperative for results, especially for athletes. The combination of strength, endurance and pure talent combined with the skills and dedication of a personal trainer will keep an athlete one step ahead of the competition.

Injury Prevention
Personal trainers will work with an athlete to prevent sport-causing injuries by helping the athlete increase balance, flexibility, and core strength.[2]

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