Gentle yoga is a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than other forms. It is typically appropriate for those who want a softer, slower and a more well-supported practice, which can be very useful for people who are not capable of fulfilling the demands of other yoga practices, such as seniors, women who are pregnant, or those recovering from an injury.[1]

In gentle yoga, the positions are primarily floor-based, sprawled or seated with minimal standing poses. In general, poses will be held for a shorter length, at low-intensity, putting less strain on the muscles.

In addition to modifying the intensity of regular yoga practices by simplifying some of the poses, gentle yoga is one of the most effective forms of yoga for muscle recovery. The practice provides more time in between poses in order to allow the body to recover at a softer pace.

Though slower and more simplified, anyone can benefit from a gentle yoga class. Yes, even you yoga pros! Preforming yoga at a more deliberate rate can help yoga experts refine more difficult poses, leading to new practice insights, which can be used during more intense yoga classes.

At Zullo Health & Fitness, we call this style of yoga ‘gentle/morning’ yoga because sunrise is an ideal (and recommended) time to practice more quietly, soothing the mind and recharging the body for the day ahead.

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