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An Introduction to Gentle/Morning Yoga

Gentle yoga is a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than other forms. It is typically appropriate for those who want a softer, slower and a more well-supported practice, which can be very useful for people who are not capable of fulfilling the demands of other yoga practices, such as seniors, women who [...]

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The Importance of Personal Training for Athletes

Good personal trainers will push their clients harder than they could ever push themselves, which is why athletes are among the first to retain them. Because athletes work with their coach during the season, it is especially important for them to remain in shape for the off-season to sustain their competitive edge. Working under the [...]

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The Importance of Physical Activity for Children with Special Needs

All children can benefit from the release of energy, exercise and pure enjoyment of physical activities, and this also includes children with special needs. Special needs children are not always encouraged to exercise because the fear of injuries, however physical activity is as important for special needs children, as it is for any child. Being [...]

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The Benefits of Thai Massage for Athletes

The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes Thai Massage - a system of massage manipulation developed in Thailand, so unique and so highly effective. This form of massage relaxation was influenced by yoga practices and the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia. Traditional Thai massage consists of a deep, [...]

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4 Impactful Benefits of Yoga for Hockey Players

Yoga is one of the best exercises that will not only help a hockey player rehabilitate injuries, but will also help to increase flexibility, stability and focus. Hockey players, due to the nature of the sport, perform short sprints, pivots, crossovers, stops and starts, and of course short shifts – all at full power and [...]

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The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

As you grow older, maintaining an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise can boost energy, maintain your independence, and can even reverse some of the early signs of aging. Not only is exercise good for your body, it’s proven to be beneficial to your mind, mood, and memory.[1] Whether you are generally [...]

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30-Day Guide to a Preservative Free Diet

With the majority of our food being laced with preservatives, many health implications have occurred, as most preservatives can be extremely harmful when eaten in large quantities. It is imperative to maintain a healthy body, which is why we must consider a balanced diet that is focused on organic food. Organic foods contain no preservatives [...]

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The Benefits of Exercise on Mood and Mental Health

Exercise has been linked to improving brain function and regardless of your age or fitness level, making time for exercise provides some serious mental benefits.[1] From boosting your mood to improving your mental health, exercise can improve your life. Now is the time to get inspired to exercise by reading up on these unexpected ways [...]

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See What’s Up and Coming at Zullo Health and Fitness

Find out what Zullo Fitness is doing to help people succeed in all levels of fitness and training.

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Who Is Phil Zullo

Phil Zullo is recognized as a leader in the health and fitness industry with over two decades of experience in the field. He is renowned for his expertise on elite athletic training, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, children’s programs and health and lifestyle management. At a young age, Phil’s aspirations of becoming a pro athlete were [...]

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